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Carefully selected, roasted and skillfully blended, these coffee beans give an excellent creaminess and body as well as an intense and decisive taste typical of the best Neapolitan tradition.

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100% Arabica


Blend of 100% Arabica roasted coffee beans.
The blend of roasted coffee beans contained in this package is stored in a controlled atmosphere with nitrogen and is guaranteed pure without any foreign body capable of altering weight and quality.

The natural oiliness present on the surface of the beans of this coffee blend is a guarantee of quality.

SuperMax BAR

1Kg / 3Kg

Blend composed mainly of Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans. Cream dense and delicate, long-lasting aroma low in caffeine.

Napoletano DOK

1Kg / 3Kg

Fine coffee blend made mainly of Arabica Brazilian coffee beans. Delicate and balanced taste, long-lasting aftertaste, best expression of the Neapolitan Tradition.

Italy BAR

1Kg / 3Kg

Coffee blend with a good percentage of Arabica beans, persistent taste, designed to represent the best Italian tradition.

Crema MOKA

1Kg / 3Kg

Coffee blend with a good percentage of Arabica, intense scent and aroma.

Crema BAR

1Kg / 3Kg

Coffee blend with high percentage of Arabica beans, strong body, strong taste, and compact cream.


1Kg / 3Kg

A fine blend mainly made of Brazilian and Central American beans with a chocolaty and persistent taste.

Decaffeinated in grains


The richness of the blend makes it light, velvety, seductive. Soft and refined aroma.

Decaffeinated in single-dose bags

80 pcs

Decaf in single dose bags 80 pcs.



A different way to enjoy coffee, easy to prepare: the 1 kg pack of Kremino, ideal for getting a tasty coffee cream. No hydrogenated fats.

Ginseng Premium


Instant Ginseng flavored drink.

Ginseng sugar free


Instant sugar free Ginseng flavored drink.

Instant Barley


Instant Barley flavored drink.

Hot chocolate


Hot chocolate mix.

Hazelnut Cream


Hazelnut cream is a all natural and genuine product composed of fine roasted hazelnuts, ideal for the preparation of flavored coffee, cream, ice cream, cappuccino and barley drinks.

White sugar


Fine sugar in single-dose bags.

Brown sugar


Brown sugar in single-dose bags.

Low calorie sweetener


Low calorie sweetener, aspartame free, in single-dose bags.

Kenon art collection

Set of collection cups and a 500gr Special Quality freshly ground coffee tin.

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