Caffè Kenon

Inimitable since 1892

Over the years, the business has grown rapidly from father to son, recording huge successes in the production of excellent coffee blends until the birth in 1962, of Cafè Centro Brasil by Vittorio Wurzburger, which today is a modern and technological production and commercial reality capable of combining the craftsmanship and quality of products with the latest technology thanks to the experience of over a century.

The members of the company today actively participate in the development and construction of the machinery and equipment used.

The Company’s philosophy has always been the same, producing the best blends of ARABICA coffee, with the goal of continuing the family tradition, maintain high-quality standards, and provide coffee blends with an inimitable taste.

Caffè Kenon

As simple as it may seem, it is quite complex and articulated, made of many important steps that start even before the purchase of raw materials.

After a careful selection, raw materials are purchased, which once arrived, are analyzed by authorized laboratories.
Only after the laboratories’ approval, the precious batches of coffee are stocked in our warehouses where the roasting process takes place.

At the end of the roasting process, the coffee beans are sent to an air-cooling tank to quickly reduce the temperature by an air flow. Afterwards the coffee is sent to modern machines to start the next stages of processing. In this phase organoleptic checks take place.

At the end of the aging process, the product is packaged in an accurate packaging that ensures a longer life of the product, enhancing its taste, aroma and fragrance.
At all stages of processing, from roasting to packaging, the coffee is subjected to strict quality controls.

All the accomplishments and awards that we keep receiving from all over the world make us proud to be ambassadors of the Neapolitan Espresso worldwide. In 2014 the high-quality marketplace Eccellenze Campane chose Kenon as the only coffee that can enhance the well-known Neapolitan Espresso tradition.